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It's Official

So, I've been picked up by the lovely folks over at Reviewtopia! Right now my trailer is up in rotation, with more to come, hopefully this week. This past week, I filmed a co-review for someone as well as a special review with Xaria aka Diamanda Hagan (it's epic, expect a screenshot later today). Expect also a vlog of tasting American soda and candy with me, Diamanda, and the Avatar of Decent Humor.

In other news, this past week I got to meet Kyle aka Oancitizen, and Ven the Artist (his titlecard artist) as well as Lindsay, the Nostalgia Chick, and all of them were wonderfully friendly folks; it was a great day in DC!

So, what's coming next? Well, I'm going to reformat the show with the goal being slimming down the time and cutting out pointless exposition, and toying with the idea of doing separate plot-only vids as part of the main season. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things will continue, and expect some more stuff in the next two weeks on that front.

Happy update, everyone! :)

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